Wednesday, 5 March 2014

follow up to "E-Books, Part 2"

First, links for the upcoming events mentioned:
The 2014 Pages Festival + Conference, March 13-15:

The iSchool Student Conference 2014 -- Information in Formation: Building a Profession, March 21-23:

The Book History and Print Culture program's student conference -- Toronto and the Book, March 28-29:
Tonight only! Critical Gaming Night at Semaphore, in which a mystery selection of retro games will be played and considered, critically:
On the topic of software for creating and working with e-pub files, the application I used in class today was Sigil (, but the most common application is probably Calibre (

I also mentioned Apple's iBooks Author software (, but you should be aware of criticisms to the effect that "Apple is sabotaging an open standard for digital books." In a vein similar to the Apple iBooks Author page linked here, Amazon also has a page describing its new KF8 format.

We also looked at a recent edition (6th ed, ver. 1.7) of Adobe's PDF Reference, which you can find here: The section we glanced at, which deals with PDF-supported annotation types, is sec. 8.4.5.

Today's lecture slides are posted in the usual place -- including the full citation for the two terms from Kirschenbaum that we considered at the end.

And now, because we were talking about how the history of a text includes the unexpected meanings it accrues over time, here's Jay Z with the Magna Carta:

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